Translucent Traces



Let’s bow out gracefully before we reap
As poppies laid last fields of sleep

Let the light of all earth mothers
Seed other stars far far from here

Let me lay down with the one at last
To know peace prevails in quiet grass

Let all travails find their place
As infant lessens of some other race

Let us be debris of dried flowers burn
Blown onto new rivers where waters churn

Let us be pressed leaves in tomorrow’s book
Written from the wisdom all our folly took

Let our time of silent anquish close
We have plucked the petal of the last rose

Let the crier call on the sentinel hill
Darkness has fallen for a future will

Let us cease toil and woe desire kissed
Admit our lusts have turned all amiss

Let what could have been be the last lament
Potential will soul seed again when vision sent

We desired lower fire and thus we failed
Bound ourselves to chains heart-fire paled

Let me lay down with the one at last
To know peace prevails in quiet grass







~ by blueangelwolf on July 18, 2014.

14 Responses to “Translucent Traces”

  1. Nice…well done….

    • insane auctually 😦 but what would ya know anyhow ya havent been dealing with this for 5 years for this to be to U either 😦 so whatevr 😦

  2. Nice!


  3. absolutely one of my favorite of yours.

    • ahh but of course u know both sides of the story also 😦 oh well 😦 ..poetically criminal as the story really goes down in the end 😦

  4. So beautiful.

  5. Sublime

  6. poignant, thank you

  7. Hello
    Thanks for the wonder full imagery I got out of your poem.

  8. all the $$$money! ur folly took FROM me! 😦
    the heart ya crushed when ya hung him on a hook 😦
    peace prevailed in this heart of love u took from in every way imaginable 😦
    u acted as though u were an infant that came from another race 😦
    after plucking the petal of the last rose u proceeded
    to break off an crush the thorns!
    yes darkness fell on this soul ,,,was ur future will 😦
    u can admit ur lusts have turned u amiss,,,but will NEVER BE JUSTIFIED!
    in hurting on ones love an passions as u have mine so:
    NOR ENTITLED SO BE IT! 😦 dreams of ur fantasy with ur photographer of lust
    betrayed by u well ;( this lonely man on this hill 😦
    u desired the lower flower so u fail:(
    is what it is criminal for $MONEY AN SEX alone 😦
    sure why not lay down with his ass one last time with my money 😦 miss blue angel turned wolf on the Q 😦

    life changing days forevr in the mind of Q cuza U 😦 as u know well my dear angel of betrayal
    PUBLICKLY LIKE THIS ON UR BLOG WERLD IS BEYOND ME ,,,WHAT EVR HAPPENED TO SINCERITY TRUTH HONOR HONESTY AND BEING THE WOMAN U SAY U ARE TO THE WERLD INSTEAD OF THE OPPOSING FORCE TO ME 😦 so u have had the power to hurt me in every way now ,,more than anyone other on the planet BOY DON'T THAT MAKE U SO VERY SPECIAL 😦 HOPE MY MONBEY BURNS A HOLE IN UR RUTHLESS UNDISCERNING SELFISH HEART 😦 COURAGE OF A MOUSE AN A SICK EXAMPLE FOR LOVE 😦 why not have jest been honest with me in the first place huh? guess cuza the money huh! 😦 how so screwed up 😦

  9. thousands of werds by u all but betrayed in a matter of months 😦 and for what huh what gain but to bring anothers heart mind soul and pocketbook to the ground huh 😦 sad story u have writtien angela my dear i loved u so very much how could u evr evr hurt on me is beyond me 😦 😦 with a werd ort deed evr evr is insane is all 😦

  10. ignorance wil l never excuse u liberate u nor entitle u to betray rob steal or hurt or lie as u have done u are a very frecking sick individual i can only pray for u and me also now since u messed up my whole life in evrey way imaginable by dishonoring all ur werds u ever said to me and betraying me and stealing even money from me 😦 how so very wrong ,,,wrong is wrong all there is to it 😦 guess karma will be urs as so my sold out heart and soul 😦 pert messed up U becoming a hipocryte liar and a thief now:( and not dealing intelligently or answering to the truth of light and life and love ! ur ignorance will nevr excuse u nor entitle u to being a dishonest soul 😦 to me 😦


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