Crayon Colors



Psychopaths, apathetics and lunatics
They whip me up in their power play
Strategies plots plans and seductions
All grapple with this chthonic gray

As they objectify me by envy and lust
Drive to destroy and dwell on my butt
I walk away from this disconsolate dust
To your rainbow raft of crayon colour








~ by blueangelwolf on August 6, 2014.

15 Responses to “Crayon Colors”

  1. Beautiful rainbow crayon color artwork and amazing words !

    • not to mention being a snake and a thief huh angel not 😦 wheres ur freiking heart u self rightious judgemental jealous game playing all for money heart thieving woman 😦 ,,,u truly are the sick one here if the werld only knew what u do in mind and reality 😦

  2. Strong words. Love the message.

    • but of course u would take what a trip 😦 what clueless poetic & adrift angel is now whom took 5 years and thousands frum me unnecessarily and to be ignorant and not respond but want to make a publik scene how insane 😦 all i can say ,,no poetic justice here is insane and KARMA will be jest that for what has been done now 😦 sad but true 😦

  3. I really like how you write.

  4. Nice ass on that babe. 😛

  5. ur simply crazy …why wopuld u evr want to hurt on another human being and be a judgemental snake anyhow huh? …spend 5 years of my life for u to thieve on my soul and bank account 😦 and energy 😦 u are truly a dissapointment 😦 sad to even think of u ..and how disgracefull u have treated quark here …truly criminal 😦

    • quarksire,
      I respect your opinion and dont have one about any of your past interactions with Blueangelwolf. However, I am offended by the vitriolic language being used. I hear your feelings and thoughts about your past with Blueangelwolf. I would appreciate it if you could keep the personal attacks off of the comment section. I really would like to know how others feel about this work and your comments dont help.

      • vitriolic LoL .not a werdpress sorry! bubba! .. u really do not have a clue do ya 😦 sorry for that jim…i not the one posting my offensive stuff also… if u are offended by me using publikly {the only place i am allowed to communicate now:( a few silly werds like snake and thief well, ur not going to appreciate evr hearing the truth bout people whom become these things to U maybe possibly sumday…don’t wanna be judging a bewk if ya havent read the story cover to cover anyhow …so others need to know this werk entails 😦 werds of hipocracy bi polarity…and well walking the walk is much harder than talking the poetic jive 😦 ya know it is hard werk mixing poems and real life and virtual attacks on others i am amazed angel here would stoop so low as to take from another human being 😦 when she had always said ” oh but i couldnt hurt a fly” lol. open up ur eyes jim …


      • BY THE WAY …U WANT TO READ SOME VITROLIC LANGUAGE GO READ BLUEANGELWOLFS RESPONSE TO TRUTH AND HONOR… thats vitrolic and nasty, to say the very least to lie and insult 😦 is what it is 😦

      • I agree with @Jim
        My advice to Quarksire; gives respect between the blogger. We are mature to do this respect !

  6. sorry paSSION dew u have no clue 😦

  7. Scape from hues of shadows into the vivid and candid splendour of his arms…I like the analogy within this piece…excellent craft! 🙂

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