~*~ Composer of the Self ~*~


“No one should drive a hard bargain with an artist.” – Ludwig

Van Beethoven, 1770-1827, German composer


Within these multitude of atoms veiled

I plummeted down this ocean flow

Fell into each atom’s spin

And save by letting go

Found the Bliss within




~ by blueangelwolf on August 7, 2014.

16 Responses to “~*~ Composer of the Self ~*~”

  1. yep neglegence an denial and ignorance and thievery are so very bliss full huh 😦 ur hipocracy is un-ending now:( in ur blissful betrayal 😦

  2. blissful ignorant profitable betrayal 😦 ,,,,,,,, 😦 how u could possibly do this to another human being is un fathomable 😦 depressed over ur sick act of selfish lies here 😦 want the whole werld to know u are dishonorable then SO BE IT 😦 IS WHAT IT IS NOT 😦 MY LOSS UR GAIN FINANCIALLY HUH 😦 SO SAD HERE 😦

    • YEAH MIKEY HAS TO STRUGGLE AN re ACT TO UR BS 😦 because u can’t be honest to ur ever living werd:( for words frum under ur hat are jest that cheap werds for a buck or 2 more huh 😦 what a waste of 5 years of my life 😦 to be let down and ripped off for thousands:( u suck:(

  3. aint california wunderful angela 😦 welp too bad u had to take my money to get ur self there 😦 all the same we were goiunbg to go there remember..or i guess u forgot bout those plans. 😦 another week gone with my $$$ 😦 how so messed up 😦 uy are 😦 ur neglect an denial is inexcusable really ,,,but since u got other id’s well have fun inb ur sick ass life of games like this againsyt me on ur men 😦 truly sucky here 😦 having to suffer losses because of ur breaking of every agreement u ever made with me 😦 ur denial is a shame so is ur neglect to maqke a publik mockery out of ur love for me sucks also 😦 very much 😦 truly sad here 😦 i know how robin williams felt now 😦 . Q

  4. more like never trust an artist.iof they tell u they love u! 😦 and want money 😦 for sex and utr time 😦

  5. https://blueangelwolf.wordpress.com/2013/12/11/flick-of-the-wrist/ yep it was easy as a flick of a wrist a year ago once angela here got my money i sent to her after paying back the original 600 pluss 400 extra, then 2000 more ,,,how insane she played this game on me for a few dollars more werld …only to leave me hanging out to dry and neglecting all things but this page once a week 😦 inexcuysable to crap on thoise u say u love and there is no justification and u will never be entitled to steal money hearts and time from men as u have me 😦 is very criminal yes indeed 😦 …..betrayed by love for a few dollars more 😦 what was it werth angela ……my soul u sold out to ur d evil 😦 photographer 😦

  6. u an ur sacred sex 😦 with whomever ur photographer is now well, is nothing sacred at all but fornicative to me, since u never legally released urself with and through god with me 😦 ur criminal act yes indeed :(. spiritually criminal yes indeed 😦 i am sorry i love and loved u now. with all my heart ,yeah know how robin williams felt now thank u so very much angela u suck .to have evr torn at my heart woith lies and betrayal and thievery 😦 .not the angela i evr met 😦

  7. this picture ur life my life 😦 DEVA STATED by U …cant believe u evr wanted to hurt on me evr for anything at all 😦 spiritually has torn my heart and soul apart all ur lies and ways of neglect denial and betrayal as like this and this post etc etc and ur werld and ur stealing from my heart mined soul and pocket book alsio 😦 .. to this day hurting on my reality ur breaking all ur agreements 😦 and then not being fair in the end of ur ending of ur relationship after u got the $$$$$$$$$$$ 😦 how screwed up angela and the world .no ammends an no fixing what u have damaged and paing back whaty u have stolen also 😦 well thats making ammends,,but no ammends here angela thinks she is entitled and justified to lie cheat fornicate and steal so be it .spiritually insane 😦

  8. whata a real shame to me is i spent 5 years of my lifge all my time and money and trusted every werd u ever told me till u decided to betray upon me when i needed ur help once upon a time 😦 u set me up for failure cuza ur breaking of agreements 😦 ,,, is criminal as far as i am concerned and breaks my evr living heart and soul an makes me cry cry cry u could evr do such a thing to evr hurt on me 😦 .then edit lie steal and cheat in the end .oh what fun huh 😦 ….i know guys who have killed themselfves over crap like u do to me is insane u offer me maddness and lies and betrayal. all for what ur publik dismay and creation yeah composer of self , u composed wquite a lie based book here that ends in shame with the quarksire angela K 😦 im sorry i love you! shame on ur for killing 😦


  10. neglegent betrayal denial and thievery is jest that 😦 Not the angela that came and lived with me 😦 ……….

  11. In all my movement, in the vast search
    for something that will replace me,
    I have found her on this shoreline, her faint footprints,
    signatures of perfection that embarrass time with their fleeting nature.
    I am like the cave behind her watching from darkness,
    hollowed from tortured waves
    into a vault that yearns to say what she cannot resist.
    A language so pure it releases itself
    from my mouth like long-held captives
    finally ushered to their home;
    jubilant gods dancing away from sorrow’s reach.

    She turns her head and looks past me as if I were a ghost unseen,
    yet I know she sees my deepest light.
    I know the ocean is no boundary to her love.

  12. all the neglegence and denial u can muster up
    all the different personalities u own
    none of it can justify what u have done……..
    composer of self yeah right!
    hard to compose one self …….. when
    blue angels turnt wolf affect ur life daily 😦
    sad days affected by u at evry juncture negatively ! 😦
    where no ammends are to be made by ur composing self 😦
    why u decided to publikly slander and betray me Is beyond
    any conceptual reality of why ? why hurt on other humans ?
    i jest cannot fathom ur mis truths now 😦 an dishonesty. 😦
    yes .deva stated in colorado here! by blueangelwolf 😦
    who in the end here becomes ………..????????? 😦

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