Signals to his Heart


Where fruit falls on soft fur
Stroking spines of tree and burr
His eyes scan the line scars
Of clear-cut forest mars

So this is him
The only one who knows
Her expanse of contemplation
Speaking in quiet interludes

Cries a mother for lost children
He keens into her night of nights
With depths of strange sorrow
Wishing renewal action takes flight

He holds this land’s meditation
Valleys and ridges of ancient spines
All seeds that await an echoing reply
Though snow like salt in lost pines

Why desecrate my intricate lives
When the knowledge held soon goes
As ever the urge against devours
We unfold only in earth’s repose

His tears freeze looking for her
Thrice her horizon shadow passed
And arrows of lamentation pierced
The core of their twin love-creature

As many lives resolved in his forest
As peace lay velvet on sonar signals
Through scars run deep we are nearest
Your warrior heart ~~~ my she-wolf vigils




~ by blueangelwolf on September 3, 2014.

8 Responses to “Signals to his Heart”

  1. this is amazing! You are so talented, love!

  2. As always your words cut straight tithe heart. Again I am ashamed to have ever considered myself a poet by comparison


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  3. A lovely stirring piece, as always. I enjoy reading your work. andi

  4. Yes…

  5. I was deep in wild forest yesterday and am also mourning the loss of a relationship. This had significant impact when I read it. It is lyrical and beautiful.

  6. Absolutely ADORE this!

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