Not The Usual WaY


( For Wesley K. )

Nerve endings absorb peace

In our place ~ you and I

Not in fantasy ~ in purity

Ribbon of violet light

Positive serpent empowers

Me ~ Priestess

You ~ King

Building not with brick but Light

As we think so we feel so we act

Intention in the consciousness fight

Turns the pyramid upside down

Let the eyes of all other creatures

Look up to us in praise not down in fear

As a dove from a hawthorn branch




~ by blueangelwolf on September 13, 2014.

4 Responses to “Not The Usual WaY”

  1. oh what a lie ur life has become, 😦 hope ur enjoying the thousands of dollars and hours u took frum me 😦

  2. this is esoteric sensuality, electrifying my night…

    • You would be one of the few who understand 🙂

      • to full of fear based lies to deal with the truth huh! are ya…across borders and internet boundries 😦 with my money , well my heart can be healed but u will never be able to take back the spiritually regressing and sick hurtful game u played against my soul and my life 😦 all i get for trusting in u 😦 very sad really! yeah i don’t understand how u thought it was right or correct to publickly abuse me and then steal from me, 😦 spiritually betrayed and finnancially betrayed also by u is the truth and the thing to understand here! 😦 sad days 😦 how all my years of hard werk and money serves u well then 😦 me well, i needed truth honor and the 4 agreemenets to be upheld, to bad u could not uphold to those simple truths with me 😦 i’m sorry i loved U 😦

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