Primal Fall


“In all thine operations, let the Work be guided by
nature, according to the slow progression of metals
in the bowels of the earth. And in thine efforts be
guided in all ways by the true and not the
fantastic imagination.” ~~ The Art of Goldmaking

Sex sculpted

When we were born

Slave to one or another

Unrelenting duo torn

Make wisdom yours or not

Be a paper lantern for that sin

Or lighted flame in molten rock




~ by blueangelwolf on October 2, 2014.

2 Responses to “Primal Fall”

  1. Turning transgression in to a path on which we right ourselves, ever-loving noble breed in who’s Gods eyes we shine from that path of deceit’. Made real from its dishonesty .By suffering and pain we conclude our Liberation is more naked than a body can ever be. laid bare from profound light.

    Excellent Poetry Blue

  2. yeah path of deciet huh! well, u owe me $$ money and an apology…although i feel as though u have not enuff honor in ur heart to do either! 😦 ur sins ur transgressions ur deciet denial Ur fear and mean attacks 😦 Ur dishonesty! Ur Karma 😦 so as when u were born slave to fear and dillusions and hipocracy 😦 well so be it ur karma ur light 4 ur ever ness,,, yeah well sometimes people mean what they say and say what they mean positively,, to bad u only “MEAN” what u say so meanly to me for so very long, suffering an pain 🙂 LoL wtf do u know bout that anyhow except to be the “CAUSE” of it! .love is like that huh! yeah right , hope my money was werth the damage u have done by taking now 😦 god forgive u is all i can say ,ur god..!….. 😦 Q

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