~~* Asleep *~~


“I dig pits to trap others

and fall in.

I should be suspicious

of what I want.”  ~~ Rumi on Love’s Discipline


Fulcrum of past and future

Mountain lonely

Breathing dark

Fire and lack of water

You intercept my sleep

Cyber windows

Glowing words

If you are in hell so am I

Forsaken for something not remembered

Asked to kiss fate’s cruelty



~ by blueangelwolf on October 20, 2014.

10 Responses to “~~* Asleep *~~”


  2. Fantastic

  3. You, sleeping in life’s field,
    thirsty with longing,
    burned with desire.
    In heaven or hell
    your beauty shines,
    opened and offered
    to the light…

  4. I love how your words bring a longing or remembrance to my soul. As if it nudges some long forgotten romance left unfinished.

  5. yeah…….. lionheart i agree! …won’t come talk to me, jest leaves mysterious poetry whenever comes back home to blog 😦 needs gone unmet here an words to drag me down but one more day 😦 oh whoooah is life in a world under a poets hat :(…… where a blueangel wolf 😦 shot down my destiny for it to be my fate alone without the help and truth and love promised, sad days in colorado usa without the old blue angel wolf ! 😦 in me life …………. betrayed for a few dollars more, da Q 😦

  6. Fates Cruelty ….angel wolfs creation I’m sorry I love YOU angela!

  7. loves betrayal here world!

  8. Some deal here having to forgive an overcome loves betrayal through poetry an passion to taking more than giving – assaulting more than praising eventually to a dismal end asleep , another identity 😦 but same soul an spirit …i love u more than all things on the planet angela … an well…. so very sorry u no longer feeel thata way bout me without hearinbg from u in months is vbery depressing, jest wanted to love ya n treat ya right , now 5 years laters i am alone an left without , with poetry as werds lost of a life past 😦 never to be had 😦 sad loss…. good bye werld ….angelas werld 😦 ……..Q

  9. Am I merely a witness of the betrayal?
    Where are you who are cast to see?
    How have you been hidden from me?
    Is there a splinter that carries you to the whole?
    gyess blue angel wolf will let us know or not huh! 😎

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