~ The Blue Scarf ~


Crumbled in love’s quake
among ruins treasure
miasma of projection
deceptions and self-deceptions
merging with light healing
as each unfolding moment
must accept responsibility

Of that sacred marriage
of spirit and matter
the hermetic mystery
when all turned up-side-down
there can be no possession
conquering or control
Her world is the subtle river
blue water run of latent creation

Quaking spirits become key keepers
enduring within the divisive forces
dark and light, love and loveless
as the heart is their hologram alive
which all core stars blood-red
bound planet with a blue scarf

Tears disaster is now
and we caused it
bind such we must
to responsibility




~ by blueangelwolf on December 18, 2014.

8 Responses to “~ The Blue Scarf ~”

  1. This is perfection. I’ve missed your words, Blue. Have a wonderful holiday! Xo

  2. U agree …its very purfect… as the angel wishes it to be, , only the scarf blue angel wolf left me to cry on is white ! 🙂 lol……
    Of that sacred marriage
    of spirit and matter
    the hermetic mystery
    when all turned up-side-down
    well u did that to my life because u believe marraige an sacred union is possession, it was where u were wrong so very wrong angel, i have missed you also, so the world knows.truest of loves i ever loved.turnt untrue to me now. namaste’ 2 u my fine lady! forever……..Q

    • personally i believe yes u should have taken responsibility! for ur poems an werds ………. forevr i’ll love ya even though ya don;t want me , an shall have to forgive ya even if ya don’t want it nor to make ammends.. ur deal ur fate ur creation- ur karma-.namaste’ to u 4 evr frumm may u an ur photographer live happily evr after! Q

  3. By the immeasurable path we dissolve ourselves back in to the stream of forgetfulness and re appear as children once more.

    Merry Christmas Blue,

    a most excellent poem

  4. I enjoyed your vivid imagery. And the picture is perfect for these words.

  5. Sending the very best wishes for a most happy 2015. Eddie

  6. As one of many we can try to pull it all together. i would also like to thank you for dropping by for a read.

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