We are the Dancer


The parasite has no life of its own, no energy that it does

not derive from its host. The virus acts slowly and

penetrates the cell, but only when the immune system of the

host is malfunctioning. (Basic Biology)


Know thyself
For then we awaken
To our silent observer
Symbiotic with all creation
Awaiting deep within a light
Parasitic agents of evil covet
Spawn angst as their dark domain

But Know Thyself
For then we awaken
And know we are the Dancer
Dancing with all beauty and truth
As with our children and all animals
Who live knowing to amazing depths
That truth is a way of deeper seeing
A sovereignty recalling self to self
A will to power against dead simulations
Pathogenic Controllers aim to morph you to
Destruction madness our discernment revealing
Suicidal ecocide against creation and Self

But Know Thyself
For then you awaken
To claim a gift of healing
We have the answer, it awaits
The right energy of the Dancer


~ by blueangelwolf on January 30, 2015.

2 Responses to “We are the Dancer”

  1. Absolutely beautiful. I needed your words today 🙂

  2. pressure packed antidote – powerful!

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