Love Is Eternal


Just when I get to thinking

This snow will never end,

The setting sun stuck in retreat

And rainbows gone bright portent;

I feel the glory of your presence

Beyond the faded words and pages,

Beyond the depths of improvidence,

I feel you beyond my thinking of.

The ticking clock all there is in sight,

Through the dusky shade of doubt

I see the quivering threads of light,

Withdrawing the veil of my heart!

When you came at my zenith,

A sword of tempered steel,

Finally laid against sweet beauty,

A summer’s day in love did feel!

And so it shall be again and again………



~ by blueangelwolf on February 12, 2015.

6 Responses to “Love Is Eternal”

  1. Excellent imagery

  2. one could only wish that were true ……..
    although ur actions have ptoven stronger than any werds 😦
    4 valentines days laters i know whats really true… U? ❤

  3. Great blog, great poem! Love the use of rhythm and sound 🙂

  4. Through spirit of night and comforting beat.
    The embrace of loves true melody

    To which no fool can raise a hand
    eternity .

    Excellent poem Blue

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