Warning! ~ Post-Humanity


~~ I am Lilith, first wife of your Adam ~~

I have a message
Yet unheard
Gods exist, but are insane
Against humanity is the game
Gold, Oil, Drugs, Sex
Infiltration and destruction
A dark insidious construction
They took me and made me
So will you be

I was their first victim
Of their art of concealing
They took me and thought me
Out from source-connected feeling
Using light as a weapon to blind
An alien virtual mind-bending spree
Post-human trans-human simulation of
I became
As your future will be
I became
As I saw yours

Heed my message
On this planet of wars

Age of deceit nears completion
Glowing promises promises promises
Light given with darkness
Peace given with war
Liberation given in bondage
They have you dancing for more
As you embrace your own destroyer

By their machinations they empty you
Until spirit within is numb
And when you believe in nothing and no one
Lo and behold they play the tune of pride;
Intellect, science, technology, new age enlightenment
Dangled hypnotically before your empty eyes

Look at me!
I am the perversion of that counterfeit dark light
Fairy-tales and false hope enticed my docility
Heed my message and in Love take action
Urgently seed personal responsibility

This is my final warning!
Ascension, Second Coming, Harmonic Convergence,
Biblical Armageddon or Tribulation,
All will be the dark Gods virtual game

Whatever you do
Do not attempt to catch their falling star!




~ by blueangelwolf on March 6, 2015.

9 Responses to “Warning! ~ Post-Humanity”

  1. More than a poem; beautiful, prophetic, inspiring, and more truthful than some might dare to imagine.

  2. Very powerful.

  3. Powerful and beautiful

  4. Seems to be in the air! Thank you!

  5. Right to the heart of our probmatic world.

  6. Thank you for following.

  7. Nice piece

  8. Yes!

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