Egypt 2015


Silver haired in moonlight
She tarries there alone
Awaits like Sphinx insight
On earthly ledge of care

Soaked sands of history
On the cost seers brood
A trampled mandala of might
In a black iron pit infused

Splitting-atom hubris
Fires this shimmering mirage
A template of psychic forms
Manifests a movie shadow-show

Over simulations of materiality
Conformity and mediocrity
Strangles our piece of infinity
As seeker warriors cry mad

Awaken as a gnostic apart
In the grip of time’s ring
As virtual motion fades
Fire your heretical heart

The truth of Hypatia the hellion
Through many avatars shall reign
Thread from ancient Alexandria
Tapestry our cosmic rebellion




~ by blueangelwolf on May 28, 2015.

9 Responses to “Egypt 2015”

  1. Enjoy life in its limitless boundaries! ♡

    • how so very screwed up up her {angel weed yeah right} to have ever done this to me or any other individual 😦 is truly spiritually criminal: 😦 takes my money an writes crap bout me to me here for years then shuts me off: 😦 WTF criminally unkind 😦 loved me yeah right 😦 how so very sick 😦

  2. I would love to see Aida near the pyramids one day 😀 ❤

    • queen of betrayal ralph……… poetry for me for years yeah right , took my money an left me to be 😦 full of lies an betrayal WTF for i’ll never know 😦 sad days in q’s werld as a result of angelas betrayal an neglect an deciet an denial an in ur face FU HERE! 😦

      • @ blueangelwolf
        At the top of quarksire comments click on “edit”. A new page will open, Click “move to trash”. Do the same with this reply. You will find all trashed comments in your “Dashboard / Comments” where you can delete them.

        Please do not rant in reply to my Aida comment. I would have not approved and trashed your comment immediately if I had an “edit”. Have a nice day. Ralph

  3. Adore


  5. Excellence in every line.

  6. What a waste of 5 years ..time money love an energy all 4 u to betray love an truth for ur bullshit lies an decietful ways played upon my soul 😦 for a few dollars more huh! never to repay what ya owed @ all? a taker thief of hearts an pocketbooks U are! a spiritual criminal whose proud of herself for breaking my heart mind soul an pocketbook 😦 4 eternity wtf ? whatevr 4? love huh! what a crime ? ur mind against me 😦

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