Shine Higher

•April 8, 2014 • 10 Comments


Sprout where you are
Though you be dust
While I
The mountain
Do not even sway in the wind

Why await the script master?
External lines are wicked notes

Awaken and become aware
You are an eternal seed

Sprout where you are
Only one who is so close
To knowing who I am
Is me

Illuminated Self
Inhale deeply
Exhale across earth
Shine over all




@*@*@* Explosion *@*@*@

•April 7, 2014 • 3 Comments



We didn’t just leave the cake out in the rain
Icing swooned us into storm
Axe fell party was over and dead birds rained
Had no idea then of forlorn
What you asked for when you asked in secret

In the end always delusion born
Pressed between rose and thorn lain
Simulations of the adored brain game
Virtual reality and unintended consequences
Of snuffing out my flame
Fear of death agenda can’t you see




My Painting Studio

•April 4, 2014 • 10 Comments


Painting is like leaving the house to go pick up milk and ending up
on a journey around the world ~~~~ Angela (BlueAngelWolf)


Hey Hey I thought I was

Alone on this Tree a-knocking

For thee so far away

Guess not

What a shock!



~~~ As well as writing, I love to paint, I will be blogging my work off and on ~~~




Terra Tantra

•April 2, 2014 • 4 Comments


I wish to recycle myself
To her beginning of beginnings
Unburdened by this and that
From our divided chalice rings

Make like a bird with wings
When in fields of meditation
Sparrows cavort in my hands
And spider spins invitation

All earth more gives oration
No human voice such a part of me
As when every blade of green
In pleroma inhales cell eternity

In this earthly correction of error
Only white doves ring horizons
And lay ocean laughs on every shore
Saying only She only She ever

Beats in the heart of every sparrow
Emanates along my white arms
Making of them wing-wrapped tomorrow
Yesterday sunsets and sunrise

Pure balance of this body as one
Dance to beginning of beginnings
Unburdened by this and that
One undivided love-bird now sings



From Between

•April 1, 2014 • 5 Comments


Come to me from between
Silver horizons and lost ships
Sunk in anchor desolation
Waves gaining in your night
Wildfires along the far hill
Hungry for flowers bedded
On moan of tectonic motions

Come to me from between
Remembrance beauty-jar preserved
Glowing in longing’s cellar of want
Your hand would reach to take now
If twin-one most beloved in silence
Were not in darkness reserved alone

Come to me from between
Awaiting the once mysterious call
Your echoed love of late not heard
As deeply sought in her melancholy
Your own heart in hers purest lost

Come to me from between
Your mask of time held tight
Against a brow of burning sweat
Let me kiss each pearl night spilled
Make as dewy wine for grassy flowered fields
Our inmost Love to walk anew reunited lain

Come to me from between
Paired mirror eyes one reflection
Fractal from eternity divined
Take my hand let me take yours
Together evolves a different light
Across our one pulsating star
Blue center-flame come to us
From between One wild Love turning



Immortal Taste

•March 31, 2014 • 6 Comments


It was in a past life
Because I remembered
Instant electric shock
I was destined to be back
We had to meet again

Instantly your hands
Remind me of that fact
You would not give me up
So you had to act

But I was never one of your ribs
And I won’t be the bone you need to chew

Underneath your Love
Cuts the raw desperation
Of guilt

You murdered me




Stolen From Sleep

•March 26, 2014 • 9 Comments



Desire for sensation is the new God, but by expelling the sexual energy through

orgasm mankind has lost the inner sense, and is no longer able to perceive the

Divine directly.



I have been stolen
From my sleep
Time broke deep
As spring lovers must
Find fruits of longing
Never tasting dust

In exiled night imbued
With resonance entwined
Music of sunset fire
Breathless musings consumed
Heart’s golden lyre

So steal me lover
From my sleep
Be the fluent light
In our castle keep

Kali dances zero hour
I can’t talk to you
Words of interlopers
Plastic in shrink wrap
But I saw the laid trap
To have marked me as slave
Ignorance is such a temptation
Sleep is sheer satin bliss

But I have been stolen
From my sleep lover
I heard Her sacred name
I ran until I could fly, at last above
You cannot suffocate my organic light
Replenished from core sophia insight

So steal me lover
From my sleep
Be the fluent light
In our castle keep








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