~*~ Float ~*~

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Remaining here a ripple

Lightning in veins

Reverie of silence

Stirring long ago memory

A name lost to circled predetermination


 Blaze me a corridor from this weeping willow

So we may retreat from sobbing leaves

Us nocturnal lovers to end of stars

Galaxies rewind

To realign molded synchronous

Upheld kindred by nymph wings





Translucent Traces

•July 18, 2014 • 14 Comments



Let’s bow out gracefully before we reap
As poppies laid last fields of sleep

Let the light of all earth mothers
Seed other stars far far from here

Let me lay down with the one at last
To know peace prevails in quiet grass

Let all travails find their place
As infant lessens of some other race

Let us be debris of dried flowers burn
Blown onto new rivers where waters churn

Let us be pressed leaves in tomorrow’s book
Written from the wisdom all our folly took

Let our time of silent anquish close
We have plucked the petal of the last rose

Let the crier call on the sentinel hill
Darkness has fallen for a future will

Let us cease toil and woe desire kissed
Admit our lusts have turned all amiss

Let what could have been be the last lament
Potential will soul seed again when vision sent

We desired lower fire and thus we failed
Bound ourselves to chains heart-fire paled

Let me lay down with the one at last
To know peace prevails in quiet grass






~*~ Flare ~*~

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I can’t forget your smile

I can’t forget

Three hundred messages unread

But what if I did

Then what would it be

I said

I can’t forget your smile

When you said

Let’s meet on Mars

But first let’s kiss

On secret waves on ocean miles

I can’t forget

I can’t forget our smiles






Held In Your Transparency Full Empty

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Angels float down on a super-moon disk

Looked back and found soon turned numb stone

Those consumed by magic realized no risk

Adrift two spirit winged lovers have inward flown








~*~ Dragonfly ~*~

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Shrug quick

Out of yourself

Be dragonfly

Come be me lightly

A filament electric

Tuned into

All around

Source of iridescent genesis

Slipping on another skin

Dragonfly flight

As you dance

With me lightly

Dreaming magical light

I see you

Blessed be



Green Man Appeal

•June 25, 2014 • 11 Comments


~~~ ” “If anything on this poisoned planet gives us hope of renewal it is this

simple foliate head that has been there in one form or another since the

beginning.” ~~~ Mike Harding


Clear focus beneath the life turning
Catch me in whirlwind of leave-taking
Forest burn with replenished green
I have been gone far too long
Too long swept by the search-light
Over veins of poplars waving to stars
Arrowed to dark spaces of night sky
I shall distill myself into your gaze
Now germinal to poems you will yet write

Look at me in language of innocence
Bathed in gregarious wonder of gratitude
Balance me between action and surrender
Let us entwine on the trellis of wonder
If there is anything left of emerald ways
Let me be bark to your rings of time
Protective spirit to your spring lime
On each leaf tremble orbs rainbow shine
Unfurl inside me all that is forlorn
I will guard the bower of your beauty
Where perfume of wild roses wand the bees
To pollen brightness for our honey love











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