~*~ Composer of the Self ~*~

•August 7, 2014 • 15 Comments


“No one should drive a hard bargain with an artist.” – Ludwig

Van Beethoven, 1770-1827, German composer


Within these multitude of atoms veiled

I plummeted down this ocean flow

Fell into each atom’s spin

And save by letting go

Found the Bliss within



Crayon Colors

•August 6, 2014 • 14 Comments



Psychopaths, apathetics and lunatics
They whip me up in their power play
Strategies plots plans and seductions
All grapple with this chthonic gray

As they objectify me by envy and lust
Drive to destroy and dwell on my butt
I walk away from this disconsolate dust
To your rainbow raft of crayon colour







Creative Fire Awaits Our Wicks

•July 30, 2014 • 8 Comments



Immersed in this planetary chalice
She Mother when she came dark waters
Swarmed as dark spawn with malice
She gleamed guardian essence then

She was the catamaran of the sacred fire
To capture man’s misery and fear
So that we may wake up and higher aspire
To sink into ourselves through Her

Her sacred Gates seem closed and locked
So many thresholds of hope
Thresholds of shining beauty mocked
With plagues of emotion glued

Artificial constructs trip us up
With distortions and addictions
Dense ignorance warped with wanting
We dance with fantasy and fictions

We manage expectation not reality
Beneath our din calling out warnings
Her life pulses in forest and sea
It rumbles within her heart of earth

Creative fire await our wicks
Our auric fibers through her chrysalis
Await our healing touch to fix
Joined in sacred activism be the chalice






~*~ Float ~*~

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•July 23, 2014 • 55 Comments





Remaining here a ripple

Lightning in veins

Reverie of silence

Stirring long ago memory

A name lost to circled predetermination


 Blaze me a corridor from this weeping willow

So we may retreat from sobbing leaves

Us nocturnal lovers to end of stars

Galaxies rewind

To realign molded synchronous

Upheld kindred by nymph wings





Translucent Traces

•July 18, 2014 • 14 Comments



Let’s bow out gracefully before we reap
As poppies laid last fields of sleep

Let the light of all earth mothers
Seed other stars far far from here

Let me lay down with the one at last
To know peace prevails in quiet grass

Let all travails find their place
As infant lessens of some other race

Let us be debris of dried flowers burn
Blown onto new rivers where waters churn

Let us be pressed leaves in tomorrow’s book
Written from the wisdom all our folly took

Let our time of silent anquish close
We have plucked the petal of the last rose

Let the crier call on the sentinel hill
Darkness has fallen for a future will

Let us cease toil and woe desire kissed
Admit our lusts have turned all amiss

Let what could have been be the last lament
Potential will soul seed again when vision sent

We desired lower fire and thus we failed
Bound ourselves to chains heart-fire paled

Let me lay down with the one at last
To know peace prevails in quiet grass






~*~ Flare ~*~

•July 15, 2014 • 2 Comments



I can’t forget your smile

I can’t forget

Three hundred messages unread

But what if I did

Then what would it be

I said

I can’t forget your smile

When you said

Let’s meet on Mars

But first let’s kiss

On secret waves on ocean miles

I can’t forget

I can’t forget our smiles







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